Cutting and Punching

At weMFG, we can cut and punch almost any material. From the softest rubber to 8 inch thick steel, we have flawlessly cut and punched precise parts for our clients for over a decade. Whether you need mass part production, or intricate design work, we’ll get you what you need at the quality you specify, and in the shortest time possible. 

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Laser Cutting

  • 4 kW Prima high performance optic laser
  • Cuts up to 3/4in steel
  • Advantage fabricated metals up to 60" wide
  • Can cut to length at 125 FPM

Water Cutting

  • Flow Mach3 water jet system
  • Cuts up to 8" steel, aluminum, rock, tile, plastics and glass.
  • 94,000 PSI cutting performance
  • Taper compensating head

Plasma Cutting

  • High performance 400 AMP plasma laser
  • Bevel capabilites
  • 12' x 20' table
  • Part marking
  • Fast turn around times


  • Finn Power CKS turret punch
  • Punch speeds up to 2200 hits per minute.
  • Cuts 24ga to 1/4" steel and other metals
  • 33 ton machine
  • Equiped with servo-hydraulics

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